At Save Our Sport we are first and foremost thoroughbred racing fans. Inspired by our deep passion for horse racing, we are committed to building good will through enthusiasm and honesty that promotes thoroughbred racing throughout the world.

Our grassroots movement aims to protect our sport from organizations that put their own interests ahead of racing. We foster a positive image of our animal athletes, their trainers, and caretakers to counteract the negativity of animal activists who want to shut racing down.

We are enchanted by our sport’s history and tradition, thrilled by every race we witness, and are fully convinced of what every devotee swears by and each new fan discovers first — Thoroughbred racing is the greatest two minutes in sports.

We believe in the power of sport, and the communal experience of racing to bring people from all walks of life together. We want to make racing the best it can be for everyone involved – whether they are fans old or new, industry folks, or horse owners.

We recognize making thoroughbred racing the best it can be takes more than enthusiasm. It takes a whole lot of hard work, effort, truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity too. Racing is a global business and is under constant threat from special interests who undermine our champions’ accomplishments with half-truths and misinformation.

Save Our Sport is focused on the facts. We are dedicated to dispelling rumors and falsehoods. We aim to present the truth about horse racing to our industry and community.

We believe it’s paramount to preserve the canon and culture of horse racing from being overtaken by greed and special interests. We believe that the best way to engage new fans and new owners is through telling a truthful story.

We are a self-funded organization that operates through donations and support from people who share in our beliefs and approach.

Save Our Sport knows the future of thoroughbred racing is dependent on the trust of our fans and racing teams. We are eager to help supply the foundations of truth that will carry our sport ahead.


Founder & CEO

Save Our Sport founder & CEO Kyle Ferraro is currently a horse owner and has served as a trusted executive in many tech startups over the last decade.

Kyle’s passion for racing started when he was young, as he literally grew up on the racetrack. His father Dr. Greg Ferraro, now the chairman of the California Horse Racing Board, was a veterinarian and horse surgeon who worked with racehorses at Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, and Del Mar. Kyle was enamored with the atmosphere, animals, and competition.

His first true thrill in racing came as a kid in 1988 when filly Winning Colors took the title at the Derby. Dr. Ferraro was performing veterinarian work for Winning Colors’ trainer Wayne Lukas… And months ahead of the race, Dr. Ferraro predicted she would win. Kyle fell in love with the filly and with racing when his dad’s prediction came true.

The horses became an even more important part of Kyle’s life as he matured. He learned more about horses from trainers Eddie Gregson and Charlie Whittingham.

Kyle went on to own his first racehorse by the time he was 18. Since then, he has owned many horses including Cranky Jack, Awesome Lady, Out of Patience, and Unusual Meeting. Kyle’s horses being trained by Gary Stute and Steve Sherman.

His most thrilling moment as an owner came at his favorite track Del Mar on a summer day at the Pacific Classic in 2016, when his horse Souper Knight won an allowance on 20 to 1 odds.

When he witnessed special interests, self-serving outsiders, and extreme animal rights groups trying to take over the sport that plays such a prominent part in Kyle’s family’s life, he was inspired to take up activism.

Kyle formed Save Our Sport to combat half-truths and falsehoods that threaten the integrity of thoroughbred racing and to protect the true champions of the sport who have built racing into what it is today. He hopes to see horse racing continue to grow through honesty and authentic experiences with its fans.


Save Our Sport wouldn’t be what it is without the dedication and hard work our volunteers bring to the organization. Our volunteers infuse all of our efforts with positive energy, know how, and a shared desire to make thoroughbred racing the best it can be for fans worldwide.

We would like to thank everyone who contributes their time and talents to make Save Our Sport possible.

If you’re a fan who is passionate about the future of the horse racing, we would love to have you be part of our volunteer team. Please contact us to find out how you can contribute.